Corporate Governance

Upholding the highest standards of governance is central to how we deliver enduring value and sustainable practices across our business.

At OceanaGold, every pillar of our organisation is guided by our Responsible Mining Framework.

From exploration through to operations and closure, we identify and manage our environmental and social impacts across the entire lifecycle of our assets. In doing so, we commit ourselves to the highest standards of governance, acting ethically and with integrity in every stakeholder interaction.

Our decision-making process considers all aspects of the business, including economic impacts and opportunities, health and safety, environment, people, host and adjacent communities, our investors, business partners, and society more broadly.

Strengthening our corporate sustainability is a continual focus, led by an Integrated Management System that sets out the policies, standards and business performance that support our vision and values. It’s this holistic approach that enables us to grow and optimise our operations with strong management systems and practices at each level of the company.

Our Code of Conduct, together with the policies that inform our corporate governance and Responsible Mining Framework, are provided below.

  1. Articles and Charters
  1. Position Description for the Chairman of the Board

Please refer to the Board Charter for the Company’s position description for the Chairman of the Board.

  1. Code of Conduct
  1. Corporate Governance Policies
  1. Responsible Mining Policies

Whistleblower service

All stakeholders can report concerns relating to non-compliance with our Code of Conduct or unacceptable conduct through our independent and confidential 24-hour whistleblower hotline provided by Deloitte.

Where disclosures are substantiated, we take appropriate remedial action and advise the reporter on the progress and outcome of the process.

We will not tolerate any form of retaliatory or discriminatory action against anyone who makes a disclosure or participates in an investigation.

Whistleblower Hotline contact details are:

Alternatively, please contact an OceanaGold Whistleblower Protection Officer at [email protected].