Responsible Mining Governance

Upholding high standards is central to how we deliver enduring value and sustainable practices across our business – from exploration through to operations and closure.

Our Responsible Mining Framework encompasses all aspects of the business, from economic impacts and opportunities, to health and safety, environment, people, host and adjacent communities, our investors, business partners, and society more broadly.

We are committed to responsible mining that leaves a positive legacy every day. This includes the way we develop and operate mines, where our impacts are managed, and how opportunities to enhance value are incorporated at the earliest stages of mine planning.

Our framework is guided by an Integrated Management System (IMS), audited annually. In March 2023 we received our latest certificate of compliance for OceanaGold against the requirements of our IMS standards.

This framework also supports our commitment to the World Gold Council’s Responsible Gold Mining Principles (RGMPs). Each World Gold Council member company is required to report annually on conformance with the RGMPs.

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