At OceanaGold, I genuinely believe that we are helping to create a better future for everyone associated with our business – our communities, people, suppliers, partners and shareholders. This intrinsic focus on a better future provides our business with an important purpose and has helped defined much of our strategic thinking for 2023 and beyond.

Today, I am proud to share our new Company Vision, Values, and Success Ingredients – together with our Purpose, known collectively as The OceanaGold Way – that will drive our business forward.

In developing the renewed Vision and Values and introducing Success Ingredients – or behaviours – I engaged widely and opened up the discussion to representatives across our workforce. What emerged from these discussions were insightful foundations for success, an incredibly valuable learning opportunity for me and a great illustration of the benefit of one of the Values, being Teamwork. The final product I share with you now reflects and represents the collective perspectives of our people – and I am proud to be part of the OceanaGold team who will bring The OceanaGold Way to life over the coming years.

Our Purpose is mining gold for a better future.

Our Vision is to be a company people trust, want to work and partner with, supply and invest in, to create value.

Our Values are Care, Respect, Integrity, Performance and Teamwork.

I wanted to share my thoughts on these Values, which are the most fundamental element of The OceanaGold Way:

Care | we care for the safety, health and well-being of our people, the environment and local communities

I believe care is the most important of our Values. If we genuinely care about the safety and wellbeing of people, the communities in which we operate and the environment, then every decision we make and action we take becomes easier. Any perceived success in other aspects of our business will be overshadowed if we do not exhibit this value of Care.

Respect | we respect and listen to each other, embracing different views and diversity in all its forms

This is about listening and embracing diversity, embracing new ways of thinking and learning from our colleagues and partners across the world. Respect is the basis of creating trust and the platform to identify and realise opportunities.

Integrity | we do the right thing and take accountability to deliver on our commitments

At the most basic level, integrity is about doing the right thing and what we promise to do, taking accountability for our commitments, even when no one is watching.

Performance | we strive for excellence through learning, continuous improvement and innovating

We are operationally disciplined, striving for excellence and viewing every experience as an opportunity to learn and grow. Excellence is very much about the journey as well as the destination. We improve through our focus on learning and innovation.

Teamwork | we achieve great outcomes by everyone contributing and working together 

We achieve better outcomes when everyone contributes and works together. There are few roles that can thrive alone, and we encourage collaboration, coaching and celebrating our achievements.

The Vision and Values are supported by the following ‘Success Ingredients’, which are six behaviours we will apply every day to ensure we realise our Vision and be a great place to work.

We will succeed when we:

  • are open and trusting, communicating and sharing knowledge
  • are inspired and aligned by shared goals
  • think like business owners to safely and responsibly maximise production, reduce cost and increase returns
  • speak up, contribute and take action
  • are operationally disciplined and do the basic things well
  • motivate, coach and celebrate people’s contributions and achievement.

Our growth plans for 2023 and beyond are ambitious. With the strong foundations in place in this new OceanaGold Way, the Company is in a good position to realise its full potential.

I look forward to our next chapter of growth together and us all giving life to the new Vision, Values and Success Ingredients every day.

Gerard Bond
President and CEO

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