Digital Transformation

As a responsible miner, OceanaGold continuously improves and innovates the way we explore, extract and process minerals, drawing on the latest advanced technology and systems to improve performance. In doing so, we are able to meet our stakeholders’ expectations to produce more, waste less, and protect our people and environment.

ADaPT Program

To further advance and adapt our efforts, the Automation, Digital and Process Transformation (ADaPT) Program was established in 2018 in collaboration with Sandvik and MST Global. ADaPT is changing how we plan, operate, assess, manage, and evolve our operations – helping us to develop modern mines that integrate people and digital processes to improve safety and productivity.

ADaPT comprises four key elements:

  1. Analytics: turning data into information to improve decision-making
  2. Digital: hardware and software that generates, stores, processes and transmits data
  3. Automation: digital control of equipment and processes
  4. Processes: systems we use to extract ore from the ground.

The basic principle of ADaPT is to build internal capacity to generate better real-time data, and use that data to communicate across our workforce, mitigate risk, and innovate. This in turn will contribute to reduced energy consumption and waste production and build more efficient processes that result in less coarse waste and tailings.

Didipio Underground Mine transitioned to underground production in 2018 and was strategically selected by OceanaGold to become a flagship site for our digital transformation. The mine, which is in the early stage of its life cycle, will be a model modern operation delivering greater safety, higher efficiencies and increased productivity.

To drive this transformation, we are in alliance with Sandvik for their expertise in mine automation systems, and MST for their experience in the data communications systems required to support productivity and safety processes in underground mines.

Modern Mine

Like many established industries, mining is becoming a digital environment. Today’s modern mines are adopting and innovating a range of technologies to optimise safety, productivity, and connectivity, drawing on the insights of real-time data to drive accurate decision-making and performance. OceanaGold is committed to advancing our modern mine capabilities through digital transformation, and aligning these aspirations with our values of innovation, integrity and action.


We are excited at the opportunities digital transformation presents and the collaborations we have formed with respected industry partners who share our passion for innovation. Innovations in modern mining is optimising our processes through virtual reality and other analytic devices and delivering more effective risk mitigation strategies using access to real-time data. It is also improving our emergency preparedness and response through enhanced communication and situational awareness capabilities.

Ultimately, our commitment to digital transformation through our ADaPT program will grow our company to be even more successful and create more opportunities for our people.


Our commitment to digital transformation has taught us that new skills and people are required to realise the benefits and sustain a culture and framework of innovation. This is now underway. Our experience also shows that existing jobs are becoming more interesting as repetitive work is removed and people are being empowered to enhance their roles.

Initiatives in Progress

  • Goldie, our AI chatbot driving operational efficiency
  • The Didipio Underground Transformation Project

Find out more about our automation, digital and process transformation at the Didipio Mine in our latest case study.