Corporate Strategy

OceanaGold’s corporate strategy supports our company-wide investment, organic growth and delivery goals, and aligns our approach to the culture we aspire to.

This is achieved through our disciplined approach to achieving our production targets, a strong balance sheet, and our commitment to diversity, sustainability, and responsible mining practices.

Our corporate strategy is focused on organic growth within our established portfolio and delivering long-term initiatives which are critical to enhanced operational outcomes.

Our exploration and investment strategy is focused in the Americas and Asia-Pacific, reflecting our operational base and expertise. In these two regions we continue to leverage our experience and identify opportunities that will sustainably grow our business to deliver consistent operational and financial results.

We are disciplined in our approach to investments and merger and acquisition opportunities, and have strict criteria around due diligence, financial and other entry hurdles, and various potential risks.

Outside of our mining operations, we have a pipeline of strategic investments that include active option and joint venture agreements in Australia, New Zealand, America, and Argentina. We also have important equity positions in four exploration companies, representing longer-term growth opportunities for the company.