Proposed Resource Consent Conditions

3 request or as otherwise specified in specific resource consent conditions for the Waihi North Project. Accidental Discovery Protocol C8 In the event that an unidentified archaeological site is located as part of the activities authorised by this consent, the following procedures will be undertaken by the Consent Holder: a. All work shall cease, and machinery shut down, within 20 m of the discovery; b. The Consent Holder shall notify the Heritage New Zealand Regional Archaeologist; c. If the site appears to be of Maori origin, the Site Manager shall also notify the appropriate tangata whenua groups of the discovery and ensure site access to enable appropriate cultural procedures and tikanga to be undertaken (as long as all statutory requirements under the Heritage New Zealand Pouhere Taonga Act 2014 and the Protected Objects Act 1975 have been met); d. If human remains (koiwi tangata) are discovered, the Consent Holder shall also advise the New Zealand Police; and e. Works affecting the discovery shall not recommence until Heritage New Zealand provides written approval or an archaeological authority has been obtained and this authorisation is provided to the Councils. Advice Notes: Condition C8 shall only apply to those areas not subject to an archaeological authority obtained under the Heritage New Zealand Pouhere Taonga Act 2014. The Heritage New Zealand Pouhere Taonga Act 2014 provides for the recording, protection, and preservation of archaeological sites whether registered or not. As such, any land use activity likely to damage, modify or destroy any pre-1900 archaeological site (whether recorded or unrecorded) will require an archaeological authority from Heritage New Zealand for the work to lawfully proceed. This applies to all sites, regardless of whether a building or resource consents has been granted or not. The Waihi North Biodiversity Project [Note – the details of the Waihi North Biodiversity Project are currently being consulted on with Tangata Whenua and the Dept of Conservation. This engagement process will be ongoing following