Proposed Resource Consent Conditions

4 lodgement of the consent applications. Through that process it is envisaged that details on the project objectives and the mechanism for overseeing the design, governance, implementation, monitoring and review of the project may be agreed prior to a decision on the applications being made. If that is the case conditions will need to be proposed which reflect the agreed outcome. The proposed conditions below are proposed to provide an indication of what a condition structure could look like in the event agreement has not been reached by the time a decision on the application is made. C9 The Consent Holder must establish and implement a Biodiversity Enhancement and Predator Control Programme (Biodiversity Project) within the approximately 18,870 hectare of public conservation land shown in Schedule 1 (the Biodiversity Project Area) in accordance with Conditions C10 to C19 of this consent. The Biodiversity Project is not required to remedy, mitigate, offset or compensate for any adverse effects of the mining activities associated with the Waihi North project. The Biodiversity Project is a beneficial action to be undertaken voluntarily by the Consent Holder in addition to other biodiversity-related actions required by this consent. The Biodiversity Project is in addition to pest management the Consent Holder is required to undertake in the Wharekirauponga Animal Pest Management Area under conditions 154 – 165 of the Hauraki District Council Land Use Consent. Waihi North Biodiversity Project Fund C10 Prior to commencing construction of the Dual Tunnel within Area 1 the Consent Holder shall make available sufficient funds to finance the design of the Waihi North Biodiversity Project and the activities of the Biodiversity Project Group required by Condition C13. The Dual Tunnel is expected to take about 3 years to reach the ore resource. During this period the Biodiversity Project Group and the associated Plan would be established. OGNZL is required to fund those processes. C11 Prior to the commencement of stoping within Area A the Consent Holder shall establish a fund to implement the Waihi North Biodiversity Project. At the establishment of this fund the Consent Holder shall place into the fund account: a. $2,400,000; and thereafter: This represents the minimum amount of money that OGNZL will commit to implementing the Biodiversity Project.