The OceanaGold Way

At OceanaGold, sustainability is fundamental to the way we do business.

We are committed to responsible mining, managing our effects and, more broadly, contributing to the communities we work and live in.

The gold, silver, and copper metals we produce are essential to economic development and societal wellbeing – from renewable energy, to life-saving medical devices, and technologies that connect communities around the world. At an operational level, our multinational portfolio contributes to economic growth, employment, and skills development in our communities.

Every day our approach to sustainability is building a positive legacy, delivering value throughout and beyond the life of our mines. These societal outcomes are inextricably linked to the way we manage our operations and invest in sustainable, industry-leading practices at each level of the company. As an employer and custodian of mine assets we place significant value and on safety, sustainability, integrity, and diversity. Each year, we strengthen our performance by better understanding our impacts and consistently improving and executing our sustainability policies and practices across our global operations.

This holistic approach to responsible mining is guided by an overarching Responsible Mining Framework and supported by a Board-level sustainability committee. The framework defines how we operate every day, at every level of our business, to manage potential economic, environmental and social impacts and risks, while leveraging the potential to enhance the positive outcomes for all our stakeholders.

Furthermore, our Responsible Mining Committee supports ongoing sustainability improvements across the company, with a mandate to review and align corporate functional efforts to execute our Responsible Mining Framework.

OceanaGold’s commitment to responsible mining is reflected in our values, actions, and decision-making.

Our vision is to be the best gold mining company for our employees, communities, and the environment, and achieve a high standard of excellence in the fulfillment of our obligations to our regulators, investors, and business partners.

It’s a vision brought to life by organisational values that put the safety of our people, communities, and environment at the forefront of every decision we make. Values of respect, integrity, teamwork, innovation, action, and accountability, that help us to drive better outcomes across our operation, development, and exploration activities.

Together, our vision and values give shape and focus to our purpose – to produce superior results that leave a positive legacy every day.