April 1, 2020 update

We are taking the necessary precautions to minimise and contain the spread of COVID-19 for the wellbeing of our global team, operations and the communities where we work and live. This requires us to continuously assess and adapt our response.

At the moment there are still no confirmed cases of COVID-19 across our corporate offices or operations. We require all employees who feel unwell or may have been exposed to the virus not to go to work, to seek appropriate medical advice, and to self-quarantine for 14 days.

In alignment with our commitment to be a responsible employer and partner, the advice of the World Health Organisation and that of the Governments and regulatory agencies of each country we work in, our focus is prevention, preparedness, response and recovery.

OceanaGold’s corporate offices

Corporate office-based employees who are able to work remotely have been directed to do so. Hygiene precautions and social distancing practices have been implemented.

Across the Company we’ve suspended all international travel and any non-essential domestic travel. We are observing government advice about the size of gatherings and modifying our meetings and events and event attendance accordingly. All our programs of work continue.

Our operations

Across our operational locations there are varying risks and responses associated with COVID-19. Each operational management team has developed a Trigger Action Response Plan (TARP) that includes more detailed response planning, including the key pandemic risks for that location, its potential impacts and our response for operations, resources, reputation and financial health.

Waihi and Macraes Operations and the Reefton Restoration Project in New Zealand

New Zealand is on level four of a four-level alert system with a focus on reducing the risk of community transmission. Alert level four requires businesses, that are not exempt as essential services or lifeline utilities, to close for an initial period of four weeks. While not classified as an essential industry in New Zealand, the Government has clarified our operations are able to conduct a level of on-site activity that maintains environmental monitoring, safety and security.

The Waihi Operation in the North Island of New Zealand has temporarily suspended the ongoing development of the Martha Underground Mine and safely transitioned into care and maintenance for the duration of the four-week mandated closure.

The Macraes Operation in the South Island of New Zealand is maintaining environmental monitoring, safety and security, and continues processing and processing plant maintenance under a work plan lodged with the regulator. Full shutdown of the process plant would require additional workforce levels that would increase health and safety risks. The work plan maintains strict protocols and controls for preventing spread of infection in accordance with Government guidelines for workers in essential services.

At our Reefton Restoration Project in the South Island of New Zealand we are implementing only essential safety and environmental work for the four weeks of the mandated closure.

For official advice around the management of COVID-19 in New Zealand, visit the New Zealand Ministry of Health website.

Didipio Mine, Philippines

Operations at Didipio were temporarily suspended in October 2019 and remain suspended.

In response to the pandemic the Philippine National Government has declared a state of calamity and ordered enhanced community quarantine (lockdown) for Luzon Island, including Metro Manila. The order is currently in place until 6pm Tuesday 14 April 2020.

This restricts the movement of personnel with only essential services, infrastructure and enforcement bodies being maintained and mobilised to protect community residents and their wellbeing.

To support and maintain the Didipio Mine during the period of community quarantine provisions, OceanaGold Philippines Inc (OGPI) has implemented a temporary lockdown of staff at the mine, made interim managerial appointments and retained a ‘skeleton workforce’ to ensure continuity of environmental safeguards, emergency medical support and operational readiness at the mine.

Hygiene practices and social distancing precautions are being strictly observed. Our occupational health team is supporting our employees at the operation and within the host community. Some employees who returned from travel are self-isolating for 14 days as a precaution, however there are no confirmed cases of COVID-19 at the operation.

For official advice around the management of COVID-19 in the Philippines, visit the

Philippines Department of Health website.

Haile Gold Mine, USA

The State Government of South Carolina announced all non-essential businesses were required to shut down for a period of 14 days from 1 April 2020. The Haile Gold Mine is not impacted by this directive and continues to operate to strict protocols and controls under the State Guidelines.

As at all our operations, the safety and wellness of our employees is a priority at the Haile Gold Mine, particularly as we navigate this rapidly evolving and uncertain territory. Keeping the Haile Gold Mine operating safely is always priority, and we intend to meet our targets with modified staffing and with the wellness of our team at the forefront of daily operations.

Only essential employees and contractors are working at the mine site, with all supporting and administrative staff working from home where possible. All employees and contractors entering and exiting the site undergo a health screening process that includes taking their temperature. Anyone exhibiting symptoms, or who has come into contact with anyone that has tested positive for COVID-19, is awaiting testing results, or has symptoms, is required to self-isolate for 14 days.

Haile is currently operating at full capacity with no confirmed cases of COVID-19 among our team or contractors.

The Haile leadership team implemented schedule rotations on and off site to ensure a continuity of leadership. Each shift has been split into small groups ( maximum of three) and social distancing is strictly observed. This also allows us to isolate smaller teams if anyone demonstrates symptoms.

All equipment and facilities are regularly cleaned and disinfected.

For official advice around the management of COVID-19 in the United States of America, visit the USA Centres for Disease Control and Prevention website. For official advice around the management of COVID-19 in South Carolina, visit the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control website.

Working with our business partners

Across the company we’re working with our business partners, including contractors, suppliers, banks and customers to keep them up to date with our planning and operational status, including the precautions we’re implementing across our sites.

We’re also asking our business partners to ensure their contingency plans are in place to manage their employees and work with their OceanaGold contractor representative to implement the standard practices to protect worker health.

As part of our business continuity planning operations have looked at their supply chain and pre-ordered the consumables required to secure our supply for the at least the next three to four months.

Our production and supply of product to our customers has not been impacted at this time.

Any business partners who would like more information can reach out to their primary business contact for more information at any time.