Diversity, equity and inclusion at OceanaGold with Graham Almond, Executive Vice President Chief Officer People, Culture and Technology

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I) – three vital words to the character of OceanaGold.

According to Diversity Australia (2021) “inclusion has never been more important in our inter-cultural, intergenerational world where respect for diversity is even more essential”.

As a multi-national employer, we strive to be a workplace where employees feel they belong – belong to a community of people who want to work in a constructive culture environment where everyone brings their unique self to work, where we bring out the best in each other, where every talent is used and every voice is heard.

At OceanaGold we celebrate diversity and are proud to be an equal employment opportunity employer who does not discriminate based on personal factors such race, religion, colour, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, age, veteran status, disability, or any other personal characteristic protected by law.

OceanaGold’s strategy to drive DE&I throughout the organisation starts with our Fair Employment Committee. The Committee consists of diverse members from across the company, who have identified the following three strategic questions to address in 2021:

  1. Attract: To improve OceanaGold’s opportunity to increase diversity in the workforce, what changes need to be made/programs required to be introduced to our current way of sourcing candidates?
  2. Engage, Grow and Retain: To improve OceanaGold’s opportunity to retain a diverse workforce, what changes need to be made/programs required to be introduced for employees to pursue career pathways?
  3. Effectiveness: To improve OceanaGold’s position in the market as a destination of choice for a diverse workforce, what measures does OGC need to take to take across our regions to be recognized as a destination of choice for minority groups?

Outcomes from these strategic questions will be put forward to the executive team and Board for approval and implementation in 2022 and will build on our 2021 DE&I goals which include maintaining 20% female workforce and 20% female leaders across the business, developing belonging and inclusion module for our Gold Leadership constructive leader program, as well as implementing changes to workplace conditions that are conducive to embrace women in mining.

Our approach to building out a workplace committed to Belonging is consistent with the following model.

(Source: From Unrealised Growth in Mining: Upgrading the Future to Include Human Capital and Belonging, A. Carter with Adler University & Women in Mining Canada, p 11, June 2021)

Various initiatives and pay benchmarking, including assessing gender pay gaps, have been implemented to manage the diverse talent at OceanaGold such as:

  • fair remuneration
  • working toward position title harmonization
  • the introduction of workforce planning
  • interview skills training to ensure talent acquisition and management is without bias and subject to merit
  • tracking the promotion of women
  • creating opportunities for work experience in other parts of the organisation.

To build constructive leadership capability and create belonging through an inclusive work force with diverse thinking and experience, OceanaGold incorporates training initiatives such as a Gold Leadership program, an online leader training portal and Life Styles Inventory (LSI) personal development training.

There’s an emphasis on developing leaders measuring the effectiveness of leaders through our bi-annual culture surveys, which measure six causal factors of constructive leadership:

  1. interaction facilitation
  2. task facilitation
  3. goal emphasis
  4. consideration
  5. downward communication
  6. upward communication.

This desirable and strong culture that OceanaGold represents, underpinned by our values of Respect, One Team, Contribute and Knowledge, is all driven by our purpose to mine gold for a better future and ensure employee belonging is real.

By addressing belonging, we create a destination of choice for people to work for OceanaGold from all walks of life and experience and promote a psychologically safe and rewarding work environment.

Macraes and Waihi Teams gain top places in the Sky Tower Challenge.
Macraes and Waihi Teams gain top places in the Sky Tower Challenge.
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Rescue team set for fierce Sky Tower climb
The value we bring, and create, at OceanaGold
The value we bring, and create, at OceanaGold